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Gyprock Suppliers Near Me | Adelaide building supplies

Local Gyprock, Plasterboard & Accessories – Adelaide

You probably would have a vast search history looking for gyprock suppliers near me. If you are looking forward to proceeding with your build, and exactly due to that, we are here to brief you about Where & How your plasterboard supplies come from! As a plus point, if you haven’t decided upon one yet, there are high chances that you will find the one-stop solution to your build!

Plasterboards have been incorporated all across the world for builds and construction of houses and commercial buildings! Its widespread use might give rise to concerns towards its growth but also show the fact that it has several benefits in build.

What’s plasterboard made of?

Plasterboards are made with the help of gypsum which is a primary element that constitutes Plaster of Paris, which is quite common in this world. It’s astonishing that plasterboards for builds are also made from this very element!

A simple mixture of paper pulp, water, and starch is added to a ready mixture of Plaster of Paris which is then poured into batches over 2 sheets of heavy paper which are then flattened to make sheets of uniform sizes.

These sheets are then baked at extremely high temperatures of around 500 degrees and solidified to create the finished sheets which are ready to be implemented in constructions.

These sheets have various benefits when implemented in builds and can also be tweaked according to your wants and predefined design decisions.
Light-weight, durable, and low in maintenance, plasterboard supplies have acted as a godsent boon for builds that are concentrated around areas prone to natural hazards like forest fires, floods, hurricanes, etc!

Plasterboard supplies immense benefits to builds in various different ways which have benefited many countries in achieving impeccable constructions! Cheaper and better than the earlier solutions, google might now receive several “gyprock suppliers near me” searches after people know this!

Why plasterboard walls?

The abundant use of plasterboards for builds would definitely keep you guessing its benefits, but there are several which make them the best option for your build. They provide the freedom of bringing variation into a build which gives them the edge when it comes to leading sustainable builds.

There are various different types of plasterboards in the market that provide an array of benefits to builds like fire resistance, moisture resistance, Impact proof, soundproof, etc.

Different plasterboards require additional ingredients that can vary from different raw materials that go straight into the slurry or a different variety of paper on which the plasterboard is laid.
You can rest assured about your “ Gyprock supplier near me searches once you’ve browsed through the variety that exists in the world! Some of them are:

  • Fire-Resistant plasterboard
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Impact proof
  • Soundproof
  • Lead Lined
  • Flexible Plasterboard

Each takes different materials in their making and provides unmatched properties to the builder.
The Fire-resistant plasterboards are created by adding fibre strands into the initial slurry which gives additional strength to the board to maintain its shape when exposed to fire. The same fibres added to the slurry with thicker paper together make up for the Impact-proof plasterboards!

The Moisture resistant plasterboards are created by using green water-resistant papers onto which the slurry is poured, somehow recreating the same process but with the green paper. This layer of the green paper provides hydrophobic properties that give it its value in the market!

Soundproof plasterboards take the more scientific route to provide you with the benefits of lowered transmission. These include Visco-Elastic Polymers in the slurry which play the most essential role in making the plasterboard absorb sound. These polymers have a unique property where they convert sound waves into heat, which makes them apt for those looking for a soundproof house!

Lead-lined plasterboards are the nest options for medical builds or structures that would house X-ray machinery and equipment! These plasterboards simply have a 1/16th inch layer of lead which prevents radiation from escaping through the walls.

We at Adelaide Building Materials aim to become your answer to plasterboard supplies! This article simply aims at educating the benefits you can avail of by incorporating plasterboards into your builds. Plasterboards for builds come in various types as suggested above and we here house the biggest inventory across Australia for you to choose from! Believing in the power of brands, we deal in premium GTEK plasterboards that showcase unmatched quality and strength and have aided several builds across the country!

You would have browsed the network and would be tired of continuously typing “Gyprock suppliers near me” and would’ve barely found anything reliable and that’s exactly what we want to overcome! We aim at becoming your one-stop solution to every building requirement and our inventory prowess speaks of the same! Let this article educate you on the various types of plasterboards prevalent in the market so that you don’t have to think twice before making your decision!


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