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Electrical material supplier

Wholesale Electric Supply | Electrical Distributor & Supplier

Electrical wiring without being much visible to the naked eye after a build, can sometimes prove to cause serious or rather damaging effects on a build. Your electrical material supplier would definitely give you the needed pointers and tactics to skillfully get your house rid of any form of electrical risks.

The human body is indeed a network of receptors and capacitors, but a human body can only withstand an electric shock of up to 30 mA. Any further than this and the chances of threat increase manifold! The person would then experience further things like tissue burning, lungs and heart contraction, paralysis, cardiac arrest.

It is the duty of every electrical supplier in Adelaide to inform of the risks and the ways to prevent it in every way to a person purchasing their goods. We at Adelaide building materials have always followed protocol and have tried our best to guide new and fresh contractors by educating them of the underlying risks that follow faulty electrical work.
Here are a few tips for you to follow before you start off your build:

  • Proven brands are the best buys!
  • Triple check the grounding settings
  • Distance between sockets is a must

Proven brands are the best buys

Brands should be followed religiously when it comes to electricals. Branded electricals are suggested simply due to the fact that they provide assurance to the biggest crowd around you, and the fact that they actually use the best quality raw material to keep their product goodwill.
Why branded?

Branded goods are advised because even a simple loose socket, when brushed against us, can send jolts of electricity surging through us. We as adults are more aware of this and can be more cautious, but the real sufferers here are children who are actually completely unaware.
Branded goods are better because they are always updated in terms of technology.
Always go for branded electricals, and if your electrical material supplier refuses to house branded products, then we suggest you prefer some other electrical supplier in Adelaide to fulfil your requirement.

Triple check the grounding settings

Grounding can actually save a house with faulty wirings! The fact that the ground is the final destination of a current can make it safe for everyone living in the house. Proper grounding can be seen in every house, and houses in areas receiving more rainfall or prone to cyclones or thunderstorms have the best grounding systems, obviously due to the increased thunderstorms. Grounding is extremely essential for households that own many appliances. These appliances become a source of electric shock as free electricity is pulsating through the conducting parts of the appliance and can give you a shock.

Distance between sockets is a must

Sockets are present in every room, and some have more than 2! But the most dangerous places to have sockets are the bathroom and the kitchen. These are the places where you should give extra care and attention to the distance of the socket and the nearest water outlet. Your electrical material supplier would not mention this in the slightest of senses because this is a part of common sense, but oftentimes some appliances are placed near jacuzzis and showers which can be extremely risky and dangerous as no matter how good the product is, its contact with water can actually cause fatal disasters.


Electricals are present in every build that takes place in today’s world, and each build has their own safety measures for both during the build and the planned safety measures for the build after the course of the project. The fact that This aspect can make or break a build even after the whole project is ready made it the topic of the hour and the major thing this article revolved around. Adelaide building materials has been the most demanded building materials and electrical material supplier in Australia and has created a wave of modern material procurement. Make sure you keep the necessary safety measures in your build!